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This Month's Film - slap shot - march 27th, 7pm



Wednesday March 27th is HOCKEY NIGHT at the Geneva Theater! We are proud to present the comedy-cult-classic Slap Shot on the Big Screen to be accompanied by all kinds of fun stuff! There will be a raffle for a #17 Steve Hanson Chiefs jersey and a set of Chicago Blackhawks tickets for this season versus their rivals the St. Louis Blues! These hard to get items will be up for the taking that night only! The pre-party before the movie will have classic arena organ music and the Best of Hockey Fights will be shown on the big screen. We also encourage everyone to wear their favorite hockey jerseys to the show. The theater will have specials on Molson Canadian beer for us too EH!. 

   About the Film:  In the small New England town of Charlestown, the local mill is about to lay off 10,000 workers. The town's minor league hockey team, the Charlestown Chiefs, is doing no better. After years of failure, this will be the team's last season. Exasperated player and coach Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman) lets the club's recent acquisitions, the Hanson Brothers, play. The brothers' actively violent and thuggish style of play excites the fans. Dunlop retools the team, using violence to draw big crowds. This is one of the greatest sports comedies every made and has a major cult following among hockey fans for it's ridiculous nature. 

Directed By : George Roy Hill

Written By : Nancy Dowd

Produced  By : King's Road Entertainment, Pan Arts, Universal Pictures

Running Time : 123 Minutes

Genre : Comedy

Rated: R

The Lake Geneva Film Club has donated over $6,000 in our first year to the Never Say Never Playland Project. Thank you all for supporting this club the way you have. Looking forward to another great year!

Ticket Donations Announcement

As of right now, tickets can only be obtained in person 30 minutes prior to the showing  (CASH ONLY)  and this will be on a first come-first serve basis. We have rented the larger 200 seat theater so there should be plenty of seats. Online ticket reservations will be coming back soon. 

february's Feature Film - Slap Shot

What's this Film Club all about?

  • The Lake Geneva Film Club was created for all movie lovers to experience their favorite films  (the right way) on the big screen. It’s amazing how in today’s world we may even see a movie for the first time on a 5” screen! That’s fine (I guess) but we are going to try and bring back the wonderful movie-going experience with some of the best films of all time and show them with all the respect they deserve... We have compiled some of our all time favorites from classics like Doctor Zhivago, North by Northwest, Psycho and Bridge on the River Kwai, to underground cult films such as Taxi Driver, Mad Max, A Clockwork Orange and everything in between. Anything that we feel is worthy of the movie theater experience will be considered and there won’t be any limits to what will be shown.  All movies will be viewed at the newly re-opened Geneva Theater - 244 Broad St. in downtown Lake Geneva. They have done an incredible job restoring this classic cinema that first opened in 1928. They also offer beer, wine and of course regular concessions to add to the experience. Once a month a new film will be shown and here’s the best part... We are a not for profit organization so all proceeds will be going directly to the Never Say Never Playland that is being built in Veterans Park. This park is being specifically made for children with special needs, and where everyone can play as equals...A simple $10 donation will get you your movie ticket but anything additional would be greatly appreciated. We feel this is such an incredible organization and we are so happy to donate to this special cause. Let’s get this park built! Visit www.NeverSayNeverPlayland.com for more info... 

  • Visit https://www.facebook.com/lakegenevafilmclub/ for all the film gossip and to stay informed on all the upcoming movies and events. We really hope everyone will enjoy this new addition to our great little city of Lake Geneva!

Previous & Future Screenings

December 2017 - It's A Wonderful Life

January 2018 - Doctor Zhivago

February 2018 - The Shining

March 2018 - The Blues Brothers

April 2018 - North By Northwest

May 2018 - Apocalypse Now

June 2018 - Psycho

July 2018 - Some Like It Hot

August 2018 - Pulp Fiction

September  2018 - The Sound Of Music

October 2018 - Nosferatu ~ A Symphony of Horror

November 2018 - The Big Lebowski

December 2018 - A Christmas Carol (1951)

January 2019 - 2001: A Space Odyssey

February 2019 - The Godfather

March 27th, 2019 - Slap Shot


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As of right now you can contact us through email only at LakeGenevaFilmClub@outlook.com. We are all volunteers so please allow time for responses

Geneva Theater

We are very happy to have the newly re-opened Geneva Theater as our home for our Film Club but we are not affiliated with them in any way. If you have a question about the Club or Film Showings please inquire with us. Any questions about the theater itself you can visit www.Geneva4.com. They are located at 244 Broad St. Lake Geneva, WI.

Ticket Donations

LGFC is a not for profit organization and all proceeds will go directly to the building of the Never Say Never Playland. There are no refunds once a donation is made but rest assured, your funds will go to a great cause! Tickets can be obtained online except on the day of the showing. Then tickets may be available directly at the theater 30 minutes prior to showtime if the event is not sold out. 


Never Say Never Playland Project

Imagine a place where kids of all abilities can come together to play, make friends and play as equals. A Playland built to suit the needs of all children, with a focus on special needs. Let's get this park built! Please visit www.NeverSayNeverPlayland.com for more information and to donate.